The latest news from Stage 7

of the Great Himalaya Trail

Day 146 - We did it! All 1700km of it!

22 Jul 2016

GHT 7: Hilsa, Humla District, July 22 2016This blog comes to you hot off the press. Even the ink is still drying. We have some fantastic news, news that's been 5 months in the making : We've made it! We've officially trekked the entire length of the Great Himalaya Trail Nepal! Woohoo! All 1,700 km of it!!Righ...

Day 142 - Four more days till we reach the Tibetan border plus a special recipe for Nepali fried spiral bread

18 Jul 2016

Humla District at Dharapori 2360m. Since our last blog we've been trekking ever closer to the Nepal/Tibetan border. Now there's only 4 more days to go until we reach it! Here's what we've been up to :After an incredibly warm night camping at lower altitude at Piplan we were glad to be going back up again...

Day 136 - Heavy floods and a well deserved rest day at Rara Lake

12 Jul 2016

GHT-7 (136 Day) Humla District at Piplan 1700m.On 12 July 2016. Section 7, our final stage of the GHT has started, and it's been filled with steep ascents, monsoonal rains, marvellously muddy trails and exquisite scenery of the Rara Lake National Park. Here's a little more of what we've been up to : Leaving...

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