Frequently asked questions about the GHT


What is the Great Himalaya Trail (GHT)?

The Great Himalaya Trail [GHT] is the longest and highest alpine walking track in the world and will ultimately wind 4500kms through the tallest mountain ranges and most isolated communities from Bhutan to Pakistan. 

The Nepal section of the GHT [1700kms] is the first complete stage for people to join. It traverses the country from east to west and offers an extraordinary diversity of landscapes, cultures and experiences. The beauty of each section of the trail is that they all offer something completely different.

Even the most seasoned of trekkers is sure to find diversity and experience some very rarely encountered cultures. 

When was the first commercial GHT trek offered?

Trekking & adventure travel specialists World Expeditions offered the first fully-supported commercial trek along the entire length of the Nepal GHT in February 2011.

Greg Babbage from Kempsey, Australia and Toni Wilson from Headley, UK were the first two people to have walked the entire length in one continuous traverse with World Expeditions during the inaugural trek in 2011.


Who are World Expeditions?

World Expeditions is the pioneer and world leader in offering fully supported, professionally guided treks along the full length of the Nepal GHT.  We began in Australia in 1975. The first trips we operated were trekking adventures in Nepal. Learn more about our history.


How many GHT Nepal stages are there?

We have devised seven stages that will be scheduled to run in the same manner each year, starting in the far east of Nepal in late February and culminating in the remote far west in late July. You can undertake the full traverse in one stage or join one of the seven smaller stages. Learn more about the seven different stages. 


How often will the GHT in Nepal run?

Each of the seven stages will be scheduled to run in a similiar order and style. You may wish to do one or a couple each year with the aim of completing the Great Himalaya Trail for yourself over a number of years.


What will I see along the GHT in Nepal?

Along this 1700km trail in Nepal you’ll encounter some of the wildest and most remote mountain environments imaginable. You’ll see all 10 of Nepal’s 8000 metre peaks, cross a myriad of passes ranging from moderate to extreme and witness villages where the culture has remained intact for centuries.

Beyond the sheer magnitude of this unique adventure, the Great Himalaya Trail is about exploring the more remote parts of Nepal that have remained largely unvisited and unchanged even today. An integral part of the GHT experience is interacting with these remote communities, helping to create a tourism experience that is mutually beneficial for both you and the local communities you will meet with and live amongst.

Sustainable tourism is key in these pockets of Nepal that have remained well away from the large scale tourism development seen in other parts of Nepal, and World Expeditions pay close attention to ensuring we have a positive impact through our commitment to Responsible Travel.


How does the GHT help local communities?

By joining one of World Expeditions GHT treks (or the whole thing if you so desire), you will be helping us to achieve our vision of sharing the benefits of tourism with isolated communities that currently receive little to no advantages from incoming touristry.

We employ many of our porters and support staff from these various regions, purchase some of our food goods from these villages and of course, travellers have the opportunity to purchase traditional handicrafts from various communities throughout the GHT.

The GHT is an opportunity to experience some of the least visited, most exciting hidden corners of Nepal where you will be struck with awe and wonder at the scale and grandeur of the land, and the warmth and humility of the people that live there. 


How can I join the GHT?

Click here to learn more about the various stages offered and how you can be part of the Great Himalaya Trail.

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