Approaching Ghunsa

Posted on 09 Mar 2020

We are lucky to have five of us for the first three stages of the GHT.

We're enjoying getting to know each other and discovering each other's hidden and not so hidden talents. We are all well travelled and have plenty of trekking tales to share.

The support team is amazing; without them, this trek would not be possible.

Our lead guide Tsering has given us all the confidence to successfully complete the race  oops, I probably should say personal achievements, as we all know this is all but a race.

So far the trekking has been at a comfortable pace. We're all healthy at the moment and looking forward to the next few days at higher altitude. We're excited to find out how our bodies will adapt.

We'll reach the official start point of the high route in four days at Kanchenjunga Base Camp at 4050 metres high.

"There have been several gnarly passages that were less than a foot wide with a perilous drop requiring careful placement of one's feet and trekking poles," says Tania. "That being said, after seeing mules and yak/cows travelling the same paths with their heavy loads – not to mention the porters carrying four times my backpack weight – certainly puts things in perspective."

The variety of the meals is exceptional. It's super tasty! Manu eats twice what he used to eat and even decided to go vegetarian for the trip.

Tania on the other hand is just beginning to realise that her food choices have a significant impact on her paper rations (5x rolls for approximately 65 days!). On that note, our team has come up with a grading system for the ablution facilities (both fixed building and transportable). We are not always in agreement, however we are very good at substantiating our score.

Oh, and as today was a rest day, we had the opportunity to wash our clothes. There’s a 50/50 chance they’ll be dry as they are currently hanging on outside lines whilst it is snowing.

To be fair, the sun was shining during these light snow falls.

For Manu, he enjoys going back to the basics: "Living simply with a new family is an interesting experience. We initally walked at different paces, but we are starting to find our pace as a team."

"Altitude is a new dimension to me and I like the ambiance added to the hikes. Though, my main enemy at the moment is the cold. I always try to find the best combination of gear to stay warm in any condition."

"We already saw yaks, donkeys and goats on our way, I think I'm starting to learn their languages. I just found out I'd get access to internet every four to five weeks so don't expect too much news from me!" 

The weather has been generous, with sunny mornings and light showers mid afternoon. We're expecting some snow fall shortly.

Take care until our next update.

Namaste from Ghunsa,
Tsering, Tania and Manu

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