Day 71: The team is back together

Posted on 08 May 2017

Day 71 Bagam 2705m

Back on the trail. After a few days in Kathmandu Ian, Martin and Matt are reunited and back on the trail.

Our departure from Kathmandu had us on an early rise for a distinctly emetic bus ride on some sections of road that didn't even class as "work in progress".

Bungee JumpWe were all fighting our way through different gastric issues and we were grateful for the hour or so time gap after arrival at the Last Resort whilst the crew sorted the loads and prepared lunch, only modest amounts of which were consumed. We were then forced to await permission to cross the footbridge whilst a number of thrill seekers (or those looking for a sure cure for constipation - the height or the bridge over the river gorge is approx 170m!) threw themselves off the bridge attached to rubber bands.

Once across the bridge were were faced with a 1,000m climb to our overnight camp at Listi, it all started well enough, perhaps a little warm and humid for our first day back, but then after the first hour or so a few rumble of thunder were the first indication of what was to hit us, after 15mins of a few spots of rain more rumbles of thunder and the "do we don't we moments" (don waterproofs), the decision was made for us as were were pelted sequentially by massive drops of rain, strong winds and 10mm dia hailstones.

Camping at Bagam 2705mLuckily we came across a shelter as the hail commenced, though the noise from the hail on the corrugated metal roof was deafening. When we could delay no longer we pressed on uphill through another period of heavy rain and after a total of 3-4hrs we arrived at our campsite on a school playing field when thankfully the rain had ceased.

The following morning we arose to early sunshine and after an al-fresco breakfast set off for a stiff climb up to the top of a wooded ridge and followed this ridge to our current camp just above Bagam, a small village that appears like many in the area to have been hit hard by the 2015 earthquake and most buildings are makeshift timber and corrugated steel affairs replacing the original masonry ones, the majority of which collapsed or were left structurally unsafe. Here we've had a dry afternoon enabling us to dry our kit after yesterday's thunderstorm.

Matt, Ian, Martin & TL Juddha Rai.

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