GHT 2021 postponed – how you can help Nepal's remote communities affected by COVID

Posted on 15 Jun 2021

It is with a heavy heart that we have had to again postpone our 2021 Great Himalaya Trail expedition to next year.

Due to the unprecedented and ongoing impacts of COVID-19, we have suspended the operation of this epic 150-day trek in some Nepal's wildest and most remote mountain environments imaginable.

Currently, all our international Himalayan trips are suspended up until 31 December 2021. (You can visit our Travel Advisory page for more information about the status of our tours for 2022.)

One of the great things about the GHT is the opportunity to spread tourism income and its benefits to the many remote communities and villages we visit along the trail. This includes the employment of many of our porters and support staff from these various regions, purchasing some of our food goods from these isolated villages and, of course, travellers having the opportunity to purchase traditional handicrafts from various communities.

With the ongoing pandemic ensuing, these communities are left vulnerable especially in the wake of a second wave across Nepal. It's already reached the Upper Mustang regions

Our two appeals since the COVID outbreak have taken place to support them during this time: our 2020 Lend a Hand Appeal, which saw more than 600 care packages sent last year, and our current Grants for Ground Staff Appeal, where we have already been able to provide US100 grants to 100 of our Nepalese ground crew earlier this month.

A massive thank you to the donations from our generous community! However, there's still more to do and we are committed to continue sending support to our team in need.

How you can help the remote mountain communities in Nepal

While you aren't able to travel far and wide overseas this year, you can still help support the wonderful individuals who have given us so much joy in our travels through our Grants for Ground Staff Appeal.

These include the people behind the scenes of your adventure travel holiday – the cooks, drivers, porters and our ground crews; many of whom are dependent on income from travel and tourism, living in countries that will not see the vaccine for some time.

Your generous donations are able to reach stricken communities in Nepal and Peru where 100% of funds raised through the World Expeditions Foundation will be equally distributed to our local partners and their employees, with no administration fees withheld.

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We empathise with all of our travellers, our operators and guides in country and people of nations across the globe who are being impacted by COVID-19, and while tomorrow still brings with it many unknowns, we hope to be able to safely offer this trip once again.

Keep dreaming BIG!

- World Expeditions Team




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