Greetings from Ghunsa

Posted on 08 Mar 2019

Greetings from Ghunsa!

We’re finally on the GHT High Route and enjoying our first rest day after six days of trekking. We started in Taplejung and since then have covered 70 kilometers, with approximately 4000 metres of ascent and 2500 metres of descent - true "Nepali flat”.

The route has taken us from tall 12-metre bamboo shading, extensive cardamom planting, through a higher jungle with small bamboo, to the conifer forests that surround the surprisingly large village of Ghunsa.

After sweating through several long ascents, we are now very close to the snow line. This early in the season it is quite cool here at 3500 metres. In fact, the rainy night we had in camp two a few nights ago manifested as snow just a couple hundred metres above, and this morning we awoke to a frosty -5°C. The weather has been changeable, but we have been fortunate to have fine blue skies often while trekking, and rain only after arriving in camp.

The trekking has been challenging for us, especially the muddy, rocky sections, but we've been quick to see that our efforts pale in comparison to those of our awesome crew, who must cover the same ground with their loads. We are so grateful; we could not do this without them. Nor could they accomplish the task without vast quantities of rice. As an interesting tidbit, we have learned that our crew - 21 in all - consume a 30 kilogram bag of rice every three days.

So, now our thoughts are turning toward the next phase of our adventure. In the next few days after our rest day we will venture higher - 1500 metres higher in fact - to Kanchenjunga Base Camp North. We have heard that the snow is quite deep there. Given that we are now wearing almost all of our kit, we are a bit apprehensive, but also eager to see what has been described as one of the most incredible views on the entire trek.

By the way, there are three of us trekkers now, Jasmine having joined Brian and Dennis for Stages 1 through 4. Against all odds, she completed Stages 4 through 7 in 2016, so should she succeed this year, she will have trekked the entire GHT. Here's hoping!

Farewell for now,
Tsering, Jasmine, Brian and Dennis

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