In full circle: A few words from Jasmine

Posted on 20 May 2019

Trekking the Great Himalaya Trail was a dream for me since I first heard about the trail.

The fact that I completed Stages 4 through 7 in 2016 was a minor miracle; my hip arthritis took a turn for the worse just before the trek began. I decided to go anyway, and somehow, I managed to limp along all the way to the western border, thanks in large part to the support of Juddha Rai, Heather Hawkins, and her family.

Two weeks after returning home, I had a total hip replacement. Though I recovered well and eagerly signed up for Stages 1 through 4 this year.

Nothing could have prepared me for the challenges of Stages 1 through 3, especially in this heavy snow year.

Perhaps some congratulations are in order for me, but all of the credit goes to the amazing World Expeditions staff members who made the journey possible for me: They showed me the way.

They walked slowly (“bistari, bistari”) with me when I was sick or reduced to tears by pain.

They fixed the ropes and taught me how to use them so I could cross the technical passes: Sherpani Col (6180m), West Col (6190m), Amphu Labsta (5845m) and Tashi Labsta (5760m).

They not only cooked endless delicious meals, but also carried all the food and cooking gear.

And, of course, they carried my always-too-heavy kitbag, along with all of the luxuries that have made camp life so comfortable.

Their strength is incredible, and their good cheer under all conditions is an inspiration. To them, all the credit is due. I offer them the greatest thanks from the bottom of my heart.

- Jasmine

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