Marmot sightings, avalanches & the Larkye La Pass

Posted on 10 Jun 2019

Greeting from Dharapani on day 96 (May 31). It’s a rest day, at least for me it was a rest day.

Chris walked part way up to the Manaslu base camp, turning around at 3900m, above the lake. She saw a marmot and heard many avalanches. There is a lot of building work going on in Samagaon, but the only other trekkers were two lads from Kathmandu.

Day 97: We had an easy 3-hour walk; mostly flat, in sunshine, passing many grazing yaks to Samdo at 3900m. While having afternoon tea inside our blue mess tent we saw a marmot, only 20 metres away, emerge from a discarded sheet of corrugated iron roofing, its convenient burrow.

Day 98: At dawn our little washstand had been knocked over and the soap missing, we blamed it on the yaks. A cloudy 2-hour walk up to Dharamsala at 4400m before it sleeted in the afternoon – not a good omen for the pass tomorrow.

Day 99: Woken for a cup of tea at 4am, the weather sleeting slightly. We headed onwards in light snowing at 5.20am. In low cloud mist and mild snowfall, we climbed to Larkye La at 5100m.

Snow on the ground sometimes made navigation difficult, but the steel marker posts were very useful. With no magnificent scenery to distract us, we made good time, and descended to Bimthang at 3500m, arriving before 2pm and soon not long the snowfall had turned to rain.

- Brian

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