The latest news from Stage 1

of the Great Himalaya Trail

Awesome video of Stage 1 highlights by Matt Gibson

03 May 2017

We just received this fantastic video from Matt Gibson with all his Great Himalaya Trail Stage 1 highlights. From making new tracks on freshly fallen snow to soaking up the view of awe-inspiring Himalayan peaks...this is one to brew a cuppa for!Enjoy!

Day 25: Crossing the Lumba Sumba Pass through deep snow

22 Mar 2017

Yak Kharka 2700m. 22 March 2017.With the snow abating for a short period we left Olangchunggola and headed NW towards the Lumba Sumba base camp, two days walk away.The snow resumed a few hours into the first day and a potential lunch site was hastily forged into a makeshift campsite. With the first day curtai...

Day 20: Crossing the glorious Nango La Pass and a very rare red panda sighting

17 Mar 2017

Olangchung Gola 3200m. 17 March 2017The 14th saw us head up to camp below the Nango La, where we were treated to more snow as we were pitching camp.We arose on the 15th and followed the trail, we presume made by the New Zealand team, but made into passable steps by our heroic sherpas leading us up and over Na...

Day 16: High winds, negative temps, snow, broken tent poles and did we mention lots of snow?

13 Mar 2017

Ghunsa 3595m - 13 March 2017 Back at Ghunsa huddled round the wood stove, a blessed bit of comfort after the last few days, which saw us held up in our tents for a day at Lonak due to high winds and snow and -15 deg overnight, high winds and snow put the tents to the test, unfortunately one broken tent p...

Day 11: Puja Ceremony at Ghunsa, SNOW and some Happy Birthday messages for home

08 Mar 2017

At Ghunsa 3595m. 8 March 2017Since our last post at Amjilosa we have ascended higher through Gyabla and on to Ghunsa, where we arrived yesterday afternoon.Thankfully the rain has passed, in a way, as at 3595m the temperature has dropped and turned rain to snow. This morning after overnight temps of -8C we a...

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