The latest news from Stage 3

of the Great Himalaya Trail

Day 64: A delicious and unique culinary experience before seeing the 'real Nepal'

30 Apr 2017

Bigu-Gompa @2330mWhat a difference a few thousand metres makes!!!After a night at Nagoun we continued our descent down the Rolwaling valley, seeing the return of forest, grass, a monkey, yaks, people, bird and insect life. The team were in high spirits which I discovered was due to the potential of fresh meat...

Day 59: Farewell to Martin and Ian while Matt continues to Stage 3

25 Apr 2017

Namche 3440m 20 April 2017 - end of Stage 2So after a long night in town for some, we wake up to a beautiful morning and some beautiful sights. No I don't mean the vistas of the surrounding hills or the town set below our permanent campsite, it's more about seeing certain members of the group looking fragile,...

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