The latest news from Stage 4

of the Great Himalaya Trail

Tilman Pass crossing

09 Jun 2019

You will notice a change in writing style as Jasmine, a prize-winning book editor who had assumed the role of blog writer, has now left the GHT; leaving myself, Brian, as the sole trekker.Jasmine and I called ourselves the odd couple, but despite the differences in our personalities, we got on well enough and...

In full circle: A few words from Jasmine

20 May 2019

Trekking the Great Himalaya Trail was a dream for me since I first heard about the trail.The fact that I completed Stages 4 through 7 in 2016 was a minor miracle; my hip arthritis took a turn for the worse just before the trek began. I decided to go anyway, and somehow, I managed to limp along all the way to...

Pilgrim trail to Panch Pokhari Lakes

19 May 2019

Greetings from Panch Pokhari (Five Lakes), a sacred Hindu pilgrimage site where we are enjoying a rest day on May 10 – day 71 of our trek.When we last wrote, we said that we would soon be headed to Kathmandu where hot showers and other luxuries awaited us. That wasn’t quite the whole story. As Bri...

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