The latest news from Stage 5

of the Great Himalaya Trail

100 days of trekking

12 Jun 2019

It's day 100 at Bimthang where we were camped in the open field along with the horses and mules. To avoid the loss of our washstand soap again, we were each given a bar to keep under the fly sheet of our tents.The new construction here was noticeably predominately wooden. A big stack of freshly smelling wo...

Must-have gear for trekkers

11 Jun 2019

The tent has become my home. A two-man tent for me alone with a red cloth covered, double thick mat lay down the middle. On the far side the red bag, a World Expeditions supplied duffle bag, and carried by porter or mule, and only available when I’ve reached camp for the day. On the entrance side, my ow...

Marmot sightings, avalanches & the Larkye La Pass

10 Jun 2019

Greeting from Dharapani on day 96 (May 31). It’s a rest day, at least for me it was a rest day.Chris walked part way up to the Manaslu base camp, turning around at 3900m, above the lake. She saw a marmot and heard many avalanches. There is a lot of building work going on in Samagaon, but the only other...

The Ganesh Himal connector

09 Jun 2019

Greeting from Samagaon, the gateway to Manaslu.The satellite data uplink box failed turning to plebeian Wi-Fi, but only at places where we stay overnight. This should not be a problem in the more popular Stage 5 Manaslu/Annapurna, but in the largely empty quarter of Dolpo, very unlikely. Expect a bit of a lat...

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