The latest news from Stage 6

of the Great Himalaya Trail

Day 130: An early farewell to Martin and Urda - thanks for sharing the adventure with us

05 Jul 2017

We left the Kagmara Pass camp in the morning and followed the path down the valley which on occasions dipped into the river when it narrowed right down.A little further on we crossed the river and the path became elevated from the valley bottom and the morning sun racked up the temperature and humidity. At th...

Day 125: Farewell to Stage 6 trekkers and farewell to our last 5000m pass crossing

29 Jun 2017

Tuesday morning saw us all depart from Ringmo down a step descent to he main valley whilst stopping at appropriate points to marvel at the scale of the waterfalls on the outlet river from Poksumdo Lake.A little further down the main valley by a small wooden bridge we had to split the group between those depar...

Day 122: Seeing the spectacular Phoksundo Lake - one of the most beautiful places in the Himalaya

27 Jun 2017

From our camp at Maran we had an easy day with a lovely stroll down a green and flower strewn valley down to Dho Tarap, a major trading town between the lower parts of Dolpo and Tibet. From Dho we walked up a populated valley with numerous monastries, a school and green fields to our camp for night below Numa...

Day 116: We are truly in Dolpo now

22 Jun 2017

From our perched campsite our route the next morning wound its way up a steep steep face with some nice wee Nepali stonework across the odd gully.Fab views were had from the pass including a sneak preview of the next day's climb up Jungben La. A quick few kms down from the pass got us to the river, lunch and...

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