The latest news from Stage 6

of the Great Himalaya Trail

What's on the menu?

08 Jul 2019

Quality and hearty meals on a trek is critical - especially on a long, arduous and often unpredicable expedition. On a single trek typically lasting 2 or 3 weeks, you can probably get by on noodle soup, maybe even lose weight in the process. Though, I'm sure that would quickly get boring and wouldn't be very...

From Dolpo to the stunning Phoksumdo Lake

07 Jul 2019

What it's like trekking in JuneI am writing from Jumla and trekking during June offers a mixed bag of experiences. I've noticed that the drier Dolpo offers less snowstorm risk in June and the new roads being built could bring in the trekkers needs. But after the first monsoon rains have cleared the air, the v...

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