Tuesday April 24th, Day 64 of the World Expeditions Great Himalaya Nepal Traverse, by Peter McVeigh

Posted on 24 Apr 2012

Hi Everyone!

   It’s Peter (McVeigh) here!  I’ve finally had a couple of rest days – a perfect chance to dry and air out my things and get everything organised for the next parts of the trek.

Its been a very eventful few days too. For the 2nd time we’ve had a helicopter coming up  a misty valley for a medivac – it was sad to see Anne go. *

Yesterday we had a puja ceremony – its meditation and a peaceful blessing for the rest of our journey. Afterwards we continued on the trek and dropped the most altitude in one day yet. We are getting close to our rest period in Kathmandu – only 4 days to go and I am looking forward to it.

A big hello to everyone at home, close friends and family and my girlfriend!

I’m loving every minute.


*Editors Note. On Saturday April 21st, Annie Price was suffering from a combination of prolonged exposure at high altitude and a nasty lung infection. The result was the onset of High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) which needs to be treated immediately so Annie was evacuated to hospital in Kathmandu by helicopter.  If all continues to go well Anne and Glyn will be back for stage four. Don’t forget to spur Peter on as he’s the only one of the four full traverse adventurers still going. For the next 3 days he’ll be trekking with the crew and having the legendary Greg Mortimer (one of the first two Australians to step foot on the summit of Mt Everest on October 3rd in1984) all to himself which we hope will be some consolation!

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