We did it! Goodbye and thank you

Posted on 27 Jul 2018

We want to thank all the people that have cheered us on, congratulated us, or just followed along on the blog. Thank you!  Your kind words mean more than you will ever know.

It’s been five months since we arrived in Kathmandu with this dream of trekking across the country with World Expeditions and our amazing crew.

They have taken great care and gone out of their way to make us comfortable, keep us healthy and make us smile. It's been an honor to have shared so much time together and watch them in action. I don’t have photos of everyone but here are some of the leaders and guides that have kept things going.

Tsering Lama, Bikash, Juddha, Kirat, Lakpa, Tsering, Sange Sherpa, Chandra, Cansa

For Ken and I, the other bright spot was having others join us for key sections of the trek. Here’s a look at all the trekkers of the 2018 Great Himalaya Trail with World Expeditions. What a special privilege for us to hike and climb together in this beautiful country.

From left to right top to bottom: Ken, Ricardo, Vince, Jim, Mick, Steve, Steve, Tom, and Mar.

Final trail image: Moving camp

Morning fog is wrapped around our camp and the surrounding mountains where we’ve settled. In the morning grey, the goat herders we shared the site with are packing up. Three young girls pull goats from the herd and lead them to their father to be fitted with packs to carry supplies to the next camp. The goats don’t object as they’ve surely been through this many times before.

As we finish our breakfast and load our packs for our final day moving west across Nepal, the goats and four families move with us. We learn that the group is from Jumla where we were nearly 20 days ago and who are also headed for Yulsa to get supplies before they gradually make their way back home.

We move slowly up the mountain toward the pass, crossing the switchbacks of the road; not bothering with the easier and relative flat pathway, but instead following the traditional route. Each of the four families has its own herd of around 100 goats and all their own supplies.

Dogs tag along but don’t seem interested in the goats. Someone lead each group and call out occasionally to encourage the herd to follow. At the back of the herds the men follow carrying a long pole used to hold the top of the camp tent. Someone in each family carries a baby or toddler on their back. The pace is steady and soon the sun burns through the morning fog. 

We’ve crossed over the pass and are now looking out into the Tibetan plateau in the distance beyond Hilsa. The descent is long and gradual as we use the new road cut into the steep rock walls, all the while walking with the goats and families.

There is some excitement in the air as the girls laugh and sing as they keep the goats moving, always watching for goats that need their packs readjusted.

The sun is now in full force and the road has turned to dust. After almost four hours we’ve reached our destination, Hilsa, the western border of Nepal. For the goats and families this is just another stop on their never ending journey through the landscape of Nepal.

We wave goodbye but have another memory etched into our minds of beautiful Nepal and the people who live here. 

Homeward bound

That about says it all. We’re anxious to get home after this epic trip but are already dreaming about our next adventures. Of course, there are stories to be told and photos to be shown, so that’s a fair warning to friends and family of the hours of recounting still to come. Once again thanks for all your support!

Until next time,
Vince, Ken, Mar, and Bikash

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